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2012-08-18 Siebrand MazelandMerge "Maintenance for ConfirmEdit extension."
2012-08-16 Siebrand MazelandMaintenance for ConfirmEdit extension.
2012-01-12 Siebrand Mazelandstylize.php, some indentation fixes and some brackets...
2011-11-25 Sam Reed"else if" -> "elseif"
2011-10-14 Sam ReedFix more comments
2011-09-29 Brion Vibber* (bug 31252) ReCaptcha HTTPS support, avoids mixed...
2011-06-17 Sam ReedSwap else if for elseif
2011-01-31 Sam ReedFollowup r81231, r81229
2011-01-31 Yaron KorenAdding files from the ReCAPTCHA extension, with minor...