Get rid of the last (I think) php4-style calls to wfGetDB()
[toast/cookiecaptcha.git] / MathCaptcha.class.php
2009-07-19 Siebrand Mazeland* Update messages for QuestyCaptcha
2008-12-20 Aaron SchulzSearch & replace war on old wf* xml functions
2008-12-20 Brion Vibberbug 16611 -- broken regex made the MathCaptcha image...
2008-02-29 Roan KattouwAdding MIME type to CAPTCHA API result per discussion...
2008-02-28 Roan KattouwConfirmEdit: Consistency tweak
2008-02-28 Roan KattouwModifying ConfirmEdit extension to make it API-friendly:
2008-01-24 Roan KattouwConfirmEdit: Cleaning up brain-damaged implementation...
2007-11-12 Tim Starling* Optimised startup