Downsample as first step, not last step.
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2019-08-12 Philipp SpitzerDownsample as first step, not last step. master
2019-07-01 Philipp SpitzerExpose parameter fpr (face to picture ratio).
2019-07-01 Philipp SpitzerCreate function process() that does the main work of...
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerUse function halo() with 1 pixel.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerImplement function halo().
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerRename count_x and count_y to columns and rows.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerCut lines are now shown behind the tiles.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerSeparate paper creation from function tile().
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerWe don't need function tile_bbox.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerWe don't need function num_tiles_xy.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerNow cut lines are drawn.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerImplement function cut_lines and cut_lines_xy.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerFunction line doesn't return an image.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerChange type hints from float to int.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerMake use of tile_edge() in tile_bbox().
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerImplement function tile_edge and corresponding test.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerAdd function tile_bbox and corresponding test.
2019-06-28 Philipp SpitzerFix typos in docstrings.
2019-06-27 Philipp SpitzerAfter downsampling the image, the DPI value is now...
2019-06-27 Philipp SpitzerMake downsample_large() functionality available in...
2019-06-27 Philipp SpitzerImplement function downsample_large() and corresponding...
2019-06-27 Philipp SpitzerFix indentation.
2019-06-21 Philipp SpitzerChange command line program to accept face dimensions...
2019-06-20 Philipp SpitzerNow "mm" is shown in usage message for length arguments.
2019-06-11 gregor herrmannfix a typo in the docstring
2019-06-11 Philipp SpitzerWork in progress...
2019-06-07 Philipp SpitzerCreate function num_tiles_xy().
2019-06-07 Philipp SpitzerCreate function num_tiles().
2019-06-05 Philipp SpitzerSupport parameter --photo-spacing in main() and command...
2019-06-05 Philipp SpitzerAdd parameter spacing_mm to function tile().
2019-06-05 Philipp SpitzerMake more use of function mm_to_pixel.
2019-06-04 Philipp SpitzerAdd command line arguments; main() now tiles.
2019-06-04 Philipp SpitzerCreate function tile().
2019-06-04 Philipp SpitzerCreate function mm_to_float().
2019-06-03 Philipp SpitzerAdd DPI to output image.
2019-06-03 Philipp Spitzermake_passport() now takes an Image instance instead...
2019-06-03 Philipp SpitzerNow using argparse.
2019-06-03 Philipp SpitzerInitial version creating a passport image from a .png...