one more rtsp link
[toast/stream2beamer.git] /
2020-07-09 gregor herrmannwrap websocket connect attemot in try/except
2020-07-01 gregor herrmannImprove ICE message we send.
2020-06-24 Philipp SpitzerAlign default port number with Laplace.
2020-06-24 gregor herrmannadd back (commented out ) bundle
2020-06-24 gregor herrmanndrop bundle-policy, add audio caps, add data-channel
2020-06-24 Philipp SpitzerUse get_offer instead of subscripting for better compat...
2020-06-24 Philipp SpitzerAdd plenty of log messages.
2020-06-18 gregor herrmannadd hashbang
2020-06-18 gregor herrmannfix logging
2020-06-17 Philipp SpitzerStart to work on a laplace client.