Allow list of rooms.
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2021-05-26 Philipp SpitzerAllow list of rooms.
2021-05-26 Philipp SpitzerRe-implement optional re-connect.
2021-05-22 Philipp SpitzerFix indentation.
2021-05-22 Philipp SpitzerNo more debug mode for asyncio.
2021-05-22 Philipp SpitzerSpecify RTMP server as command line argument.
2021-05-05 Philipp SpitzerCleanup.
2021-05-05 Philipp SpitzerNow it works :-)
2021-05-05 Philipp SpitzerDon't repeat signaling and webrtc for now.
2021-05-05 Philipp SpitzerRemove gstreamer_main_loop().
2021-04-28 Philipp SpitzerStill doesn't work.... :-(
2021-04-28 Philipp SpitzerWork in progress...
2021-04-21 Philipp SpitzerRevert "Remove audio path."
2021-04-21 Philipp SpitzerMerge branch 'reconstruction'
2020-09-30 Philipp SpitzerHeavy refactoring. reconstruction
2020-09-30 Philipp SpitzerImprove logging.
2020-09-22 Philipp SpitzerAdd wrapper that listens to the availability of the...
2020-09-16 Philipp SpitzerIt somehow stopped working with theora but now it works...
2020-09-16 Philipp SpitzerRemove audio path.
2020-09-16 Philipp SpitzerThe two pipelines now successfully communicate via...
2020-09-16 Philipp SpitzerAdd RTSP server with videotestsrc.
2020-09-09 Philipp SpitzerUse Queue instead of list to communicate.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerExit and log error if the room was not found.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerOnly catch OSError exceptions instead of all.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerImprove logging.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerReplace blocking function calls with awaits.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerExit when room closed.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerReport error messages and EOS from gstreamer bus.
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerYes, it's as pythonic as such an non-Python object...
2020-07-09 Philipp SpitzerClean up imports.
2020-07-09 gregor herrmannuse xvimagesink (some X11 video sink) instead of the...
2020-07-09 gregor herrmannGst.Bin.add() wants only one argument
2020-07-09 gregor herrmannupdate handling of caps in decodebin_pad_added()
2020-07-09 gregor herrmann"handle" roomClosed message
2020-07-08 Philipp SpitzerRemove debug print.
2020-07-08 Philipp SpitzerRename to