handle a call with no arguments
[gregoa/movein.git] / movein
2011-06-04 Joerg Jasperthandle a call with no arguments
2011-06-04 Joerg Jaspertthis uses bash stuff, cant use just /bin/sh
2011-06-04 Joerg Jaspertconvert tabs to spaces so it is only one way of indent...
2011-06-03 Mike O'Connori feel like i've been here before... moving bin/bin...
2011-06-03 Mike O'ConnorMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2010-09-05 Mike O'Connormove to bin, get rid of vcsh
2010-09-04 Mike O'Connorget rid f vcsh
2010-08-30 Mike O'Connoradded login/ls/list
2009-01-13 Mike O'Connordunno
2008-11-28 Mike O'Connorreading settings from .movein
2008-11-28 Mike O'Connor.mrconfig must be in ~/
2008-11-28 Mike O'Connorinitial checkin