Two less warnings
[gregoa/zavai.git] / hooks /
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall hooks executable
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall in usr/share/zavai/hooks
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall hooks in prefix/share/zavai
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ciapino/root/zavai
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniWork with frameworkd without a config file
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniLeave gpsd always on and just control gps power
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniUse exec so we directly kill frameworkd
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAlso turn gsm power on/off
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniHook to start frameworkd
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniRun hook script for gsm
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniRun hook script for gsm
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniAdded wifi toggle
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniAdded Bluetooth hook
2009-12-18 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-04 Enrico ZiniReset keep-on-in-suspend when stopping the gps
2009-12-03 Enrico ZiniFixed gps hook
2009-12-02 Enrico ZiniUse custom script to start/stop gps
2009-10-13 Philip Handsnote that symlinking to .xvkbd would be a mistake
2009-10-13 Philip Handsadd more *.fil examples, use debian/zavai.examples...
2009-10-13 Philip Handstypo
2009-10-13 Enrico ZiniA little more documentation
2009-10-13 Enrico ZiniPackage hooks in hooks/ directory, document it, and...