2021-07-25 Philipp SpitzerMore details on how to install wrapp. master
2021-03-16 Philipp SpitzerUse spectre icons.
2021-03-16 Philipp SpitzerPut logo in right top corner.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerNow sledrun is used as property of SledrunView.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerImprove rendering of list of distances.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerUse spectre as css framework.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerResulting package-lock.json.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerAdd spectre css framework as dependency.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerHandle undefined parameters.
2021-03-04 Philipp SpitzerImprove sledrun view (e.g. avoid warnings).
2021-03-02 Philipp SpitzerFix errors in sledrun.ts.
2021-02-28 Philipp SpitzerSimplify types.
2021-02-28 Philipp SpitzerConvert sledrun JSON schmea to typescript.
2021-02-28 Philipp SpitzerAdd WrPageLink component.
2021-02-28 Philipp SpitzerCreate SledrunView component.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerUpdate alt text for Winterrodeln logo to Winterrodeln.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd lonlatele component.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd lonlat component.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd elevation component.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd original Winterrodeln graphics.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd component links to readme file.
2021-02-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd links to MediaWiki API to readme.
2021-02-15 Philipp SpitzerWork on readme file.
2021-02-15 Philipp SpitzerPackages installed after `npm install`.
2021-02-15 Philipp SpitzerWeb app scaffold created by `npm init @vitejs/app wrapp...