Try to make things async
[gregoa/zavai.git] / zavai /
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniTry to make things async
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniRegister with network also on the PIN code path
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniAnother missing 'public'
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniMissing public
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniForgot to add file
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniStarted dir with little test programs
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniSplit non-ui functions in separate lib
2009-06-18 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ciapino/root/zavai
2009-06-16 Enrico ZiniRetry calling amixer if it aborts
2009-06-16 Enrico Zinifixed gps track
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniLoad plugins in sorted order
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniAdded missing includes
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniFixed info invocations
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniImplemented audio notes
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniMissing initialisation
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniImplemented GPX + Audio recording
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniDon't call stop uselessly at shutdown
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniFixed discard method
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniRequest the right resource
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniFixed constructor
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniStarted working on the Audio resource
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniAllow to have more than one notification type in Service
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniShare the code for on-demand resources
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniBetter configuration accessor
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniNo need to fullscreen: matchbox does it for us
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniAdded option to take waypoints
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniFixed hooking into signals
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniNotify trackdir creation
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniImplemented plain GPX trace
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniInfer object name from 'name' property
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniConsolidated register_action into register
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniGet Applet label from label property
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniSimplified applets
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniUI Elements do not go through register_factory
2009-06-15 Enrico ZiniTest adding of toggle actions
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniAdded missing import
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniAutowire menus from applet paths
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniAdded TODO comment
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniSlightly better structure to menus
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniSome verbose output in the GPS
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniForgot a rename
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniFixed includes
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniInstantiate dbus system bus where it works
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniStarted satellite monitor
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniStarted GPS resource
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniDo not shutdown non-resources
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniMain window is also a resource
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniMove info and warn to zavai lib
2009-06-14 Enrico ZiniAdded copyright statements
2009-06-13 Enrico ZiniInitial import