2021-08-05 Philipp SpitzerUpdate requirements.
2021-08-05 Philipp SpitzerBetter formatting and add some type hints.
2021-07-26 Philipp SpitzerParameter min and max of int_to_string are now minimum...
2021-07-26 Philipp SpitzerAdd type annotations and improve coding style.
2021-02-12 Philipp SpitzerDeactivate Bavaria and Switzerland.
2021-02-12 Philipp SpitzerAdd Bavaria.
2021-02-11 Philipp SpitzerAdd DEM Switzerland.
2021-02-11 Philipp SpitzerImplement bounding box check.
2021-02-09 Philipp SpitzerImplement DEM for South Tyrol.
2021-01-26 Philipp SpitzerFix nodata results.
2021-01-26 Philipp SpitzerCreate test for
2021-01-25 Philipp SpitzerSmall improvements in
2021-01-25 Philipp SpitzerCreate module wrdem and script get_elevation.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerPEP 8 improvements.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerFix test_wrreportcache_table.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerCopy testdb.sql from wradmin project.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerMap strings saved in database as binary to unicode...
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerAdjust expected data types in tests.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerInsert testdb.sql as raw SQL.
2020-06-23 Philipp SpitzerSet version number to 0.7.0.
2020-06-23 Philipp SpitzerAdd mapping definition for MediaWiki table user_groups.
2020-01-10 philippIncrease version number from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2.
2020-01-10 philippSupport "real" UTF-8 by changing to utf8mb4 (winterrode...
2020-01-10 philippInclude scripts in
2019-12-21 philippIncrease version number from 0.6.0 to 0.6.1.
2019-12-21 philippChange shabang to python3.
2019-12-17 philippRemove obsolete file headers.
2019-12-17 philippMake scripts more consistent (e.g. use argparse module).
2019-12-17 philippMake executable.
2019-12-17 philippConvert to Python3.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove to scripts folder.
2019-12-17 philippMove command line interface to intermaps to separate...
2019-12-17 philippUpdate update_wrintermapsreport() to sub-functions.
2019-12-17 philippIncrease indent to avoid a Python warning in update_wri...
2019-12-17 philippImplement adding reports from wrintermapsreport to...
2019-12-17 philippMap new column first_check as well.
2019-12-17 philippDynamic UTF offset.
2019-12-17 philippPEP 8 improvements.
2019-12-17 philippWe don't need the investigate() function anymore.
2019-12-17 philippMake last_check a function parameter.
2019-12-17 philippCreate function update_wrintermapsreport().
2019-12-17 philippAdd WrIntermapsReport and WrIntermapsReportHistory...
2019-12-17 philippFix typo in column names in mapping as well.
2019-12-17 philippUse new wrpylib.orm classes.
2019-12-17 philippStart to add ORM classes for MediaWiki and Winterrodeln...
2019-12-17 philippRename unused function main() to investigate().
2019-12-17 philippDraft helper script for intermap tables.
2019-12-17 philippAdd new intermaps tables to mapping.
2019-11-29 philippMap mediawiki password field in
2017-12-25 philippNow using explicit test database philipp_winterrodeln_w...
2017-12-25 philippReuse test database for wrpylib tests.
2017-11-02 philippReplace deprecated SQLAlchemy Table.count() by sqlfunc...
2017-11-02 philippChanged sqlalchemy type Binary to LargeBinary to avoid...
2017-09-11 philippRemove unused import mwmarkup.
2017-01-29 philippMoved dbkey_to_title from mwapi to mwmarkup.
2017-01-29 philippReplaced assert statements with assertEqual in test_wrm...
2017-01-29 philippUpdated parse_wrmap to accept normal strings.
2017-01-29 philippRemoved unused functions from wrmwmarkup.
2017-01-29 philippRepaired function update_wrmapcache.
2017-01-29 philippRemoved unused line in update_wrreportcache.
2017-01-29 philippMade test_wrregioncache_table independent of wrregionca...
2017-01-29 philippAdded tests for inn_from_gasthausbox and inn_to_gasthau...
2017-01-29 philippChanged some subtests in test_inn_from_gasthausbox...
2017-01-29 philippAdded docstring to webauskunft_from_str.
2017-01-29 philippFixed conversion errors in sledrun_to_rodelbahnbox.
2017-01-29 philippFixed conversion errors in inn_to_gasthausbox.
2017-01-29 philippRepaired function update_wrinncache.
2017-01-29 philippCosmetic whitespace change.
2017-01-29 philippAdded further tests for test_inn_to_gasthausbox_none.
2017-01-29 philippAdded further tests for inn_from_gasthausbox.
2017-01-29 philippImproved function template_from_str.
2017-01-29 philippRepaired function update_wrsledruncache.
2017-01-29 philippAdded test_wrreportcache_table, test_wrregion_table...
2017-01-29 philippMade tests in test_wrmwdb more powerful.
2017-01-29 philippReplaced direct assert with assertEqual in TestMySqlPython.
2017-01-29 philippMerged with
2017-01-29 philippMerged with
2017-01-29 philippOmitting _table suffix for tests in wrpylib.mwdb.
2017-01-29 philippNow using metadata from setUp method in all tests for...
2017-01-29 philippAdded test for table user in wrpylib.mwdb.
2017-01-29 philippImproved existing tests for wrpylib.mwdb.
2017-01-27 philippRemoved tests for functions that are not used anymore.
2017-01-27 philippWorked on inn_to_gasthausbox - the test passes now.
2017-01-27 philippImplemented TestInn.test_inn_to_gasthausbox.
2017-01-27 philippFixed Rauchfrei in inn_to_gasthausbox.
2017-01-27 philippWorked on inn_from_gasthausbox - the test passes now.
2017-01-27 philippImproved wikipage_from_str: Now it does not accept...
2017-01-27 philippAdded more test cases to TestWikipage.test_from_str...
2017-01-27 philippAdded more tests to TestOptWikipageEnum.test_from_str...
2017-01-27 philippFixed typo in docstring of opt_tristate_german_comment_...
2017-01-27 philippRemoved "from wrpylib.wrmwmarkup import *" in test_wrmw...
2017-01-27 philippImplemented TestInn.test_inn_from_gasthausbox.
2017-01-27 philippChanged file encoding for to UTF-8.
2017-01-27 philippReplaced double with triple quotes in docstring.
2017-01-27 philippFixed typo in docstring.