2021-02-02 gregor herrmannMakefile: new MONITOR_PORT for jadzia master
2020-12-14 gregor herrmannadd another co2ampel project
2020-11-12 gregor herrmannafter startup output a warning messages
2020-11-05 gregor herrmannMakefile: set MONITOR_PORT depending on hostname
2020-11-01 gregor herrmannREADME: add URLs for fancy adafruit LCD shield
2020-11-01 gregor herrmannmove LCD output before buzzer
2020-11-01 gregor herrmannadd a "cooldown time"
2020-10-31 gregor herrmannmake warmuptime a constant
2020-10-28 gregor herrmannwarn during warmup
2020-10-27 gregor herrmannMakefile: log target: filter out "Finished" lines as...
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannadd log* to .gitignore
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannfactor out buzzer calls into a function
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannmore whitespace changes
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannoutput temperature on LCD
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannuse variables for measurement values
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannadd Makefile target to massage log data
2020-10-26 gregor make temperature plot optional
2020-10-26 gregor herrmannsome cleanup (comments and whitespace)
2020-10-25 gregor herrmannadd buzzer + LCD
2020-10-25 gregor herrmannadd the 3 LEDs and wire them up with CO2 values
2020-10-25 gregor herrmannadd temperature plot
2020-10-25 gregor herrmannfix datetime in plot
2020-10-25 gregor herrmannadd
2020-10-22 gregor herrmannset delay to 5 seconds
2020-10-22 gregor flush print
2020-10-22 gregor herrmannOutput time before measurements.
2020-10-22 gregor add hashbang and make executable
2020-10-22 gregor herrmannAdd .gitignore.
2020-10-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd Python script for logging.
2020-10-21 Philipp SpitzerUse make file.
2020-10-21 Philipp SpitzerFlag used library.
2020-10-21 Philipp SpitzerExample reading C02 concentration.
2020-10-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd link to German blog.
2020-10-21 gregor herrmannAdd with first links to MH-Z19b sensor.