owm.py: check for w['rain']['3h']
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2019-02-26 Philipp SpitzerUpdate autogenerated API docs.
2019-02-26 Philipp SpitzerUpdate of autogenerated documentation.
2019-02-26 Philipp SpitzerAutogenerated API documentation.
2019-02-26 Philipp SpitzerAdd autogenerated API documentation.
2019-01-28 gregor herrmannswitch from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
2018-12-18 gregor herrmannupdate c3 to 0.6.11
2018-12-18 gregor herrmannchange chart type for air temperature to 'spline'
2018-11-23 gregor herrmannupdate c3 and d3
2018-11-22 gregor herrmannMerge branch 'web'
2018-11-20 gregor herrmannreload openweathermap widget by removing and re-adding...
2018-10-03 gregor herrmannloaddays: wrap .flush in a setTimeout
2018-10-03 gregor herrmanndrop a commented out .flush
2018-09-10 gregor herrmannpartially revert previous commit re windy widget size
2018-09-09 gregor herrmannresize windy iframe
2018-09-07 gregor herrmannexperiment again with re-loading chart data
2018-09-06 gregor herrmannadd back .flush after chart creation.
2018-09-06 gregor herrmannturn on x grid lines on chrisu's request
2018-09-06 gregor herrmannfix strftime format in current air/water updates
2018-09-06 gregor herrmannfix updating current air/water: strftime expects a...
2018-09-06 gregor herrmanndon't ignore errors from fetch().then()
2018-09-06 gregor herrmanndeduplicate reloading; we already had an unused functio...
2018-09-06 gregor herrmannreload from the correct different API endpoints for...
2018-09-05 gregor herrmannreload and replace current air/water temperatures at...
2018-09-05 gregor herrmannremove flush after creation, add flush after reload
2018-09-04 gregor herrmannadd windy widget in page template and minimal css
2018-09-04 gregor herrmanntypo in comment
2018-09-04 gregor herrmannreload chart data in javascript instead of rereshing...
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannadd workaround for not rendered points after reload
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannsimplify onzoomend function
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannuse strftime js library
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannadd strftime library
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannjs: factor out width calculation into a function
2018-09-03 gregor herrmannjs: resize charts on window resize
2018-09-03 gregor herrmanncss: add some margin to the body
2018-08-26 gregor herrmannjs: comment out onzoomed
2018-08-24 gregor herrmannchange x tick labels for month charts, as requested...
2018-08-21 gregor herrmannupdate caption of new sensor
2018-08-21 gregor herrmannadd comment with URL of web colors
2018-08-21 gregor herrmannjs: add new sensor
2018-08-09 gregor herrmannformat datetime in tooltip headers
2018-08-09 gregor herrmannupdate c3 and d3
2018-08-09 gregor herrmannadjust sensor name (and tooltip regexp) again
2018-08-08 gregor herrmannjs: play with ordering. this all doesn't seem to work...
2018-08-08 gregor herrmannupdate names of sensors
2018-08-08 gregor herrmannjs: "fix" zooming
2018-08-05 gregor herrmannpartially merge web branch into master
2018-08-05 gregor herrmannchange water (sensor) colours
2018-08-05 gregor herrmannupdate regexp for extrating label names
2018-08-05 gregor herrmannupdate sensorids and names
2018-08-03 gregor herrmannjs: make points on line chart smaller
2018-08-02 gregor herrmannxtick format: fix year labels (month year)
2018-08-02 gregor herrmannformat tooltip names depending on water/air
2018-08-02 gregor herrmanndo some horribly wrong timezone magic
2018-08-02 gregor herrmannwe have air temperature charts!
2018-08-02 gregor herrmannhtml+js: rename stuff to prepare for weather
2018-06-16 gregor herrmannshow current/most recent air/water temperature on top...
2018-06-14 gregor herrmannformat x tick values (datetime) differently according...
2018-06-14 gregor herrmannaesthetic sugar: set width of charts to 80% of parent
2018-06-14 gregor herrmannreplace 1 chart+buttons with 4 charts
2018-06-13 gregor herrmannseepark_web.js: print temperature in y axis with 1...
2018-06-13 gregor herrmannseepark_web.js: use our new sensors API instead of...
2018-06-10 gregor herrmannMerge branch 'web' into owm
2018-06-10 gregor herrmannmaybe we want different shades of blue for the water...
2018-06-08 gregor herrmannadd an openweathermap widget to the webpage
2018-06-04 gregor herrmanntooltip: 2 decimal places are enough
2018-06-04 gregor herrmannnext attempt with the reload-on-zoom function. not...
2018-06-04 gregor herrmannadd buttons for day/week/month/year, + css and a js...
2018-06-04 gregor herrmannadd prototype for data loading function in zoom change
2018-06-04 gregor herrmannpass timespan (in days) to our /data route via GET
2018-06-03 gregor herrmannupdate regions
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannadd temperature regions with colour coding
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannshow y grid
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannturn off transitions
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannshow more ° signs (in tooltip values and y axis)
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannx-ticks: don't show seconds, and rotate labels (multili...
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannx-ticks: turn off magic optimization
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannformat tooltip texts
2018-06-02 gregor herrmannuse realistic datetime values (i.e. '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M...
2018-06-01 gregor herrmannuse sensor_id and sensor_name from database
2018-05-30 gregor herrmannvalid HTML5 and some text changes
2018-05-30 gregor herrmannadd title to chart
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerEnable zoom.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd y label.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerUse user-friendly names for labels.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerThe chart now shows the test data.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerSwitch to D3 version 5.4.0.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerUse example .js code from http://c3js.org.
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerCopied .js und .css files from C3 project (https:/...
2018-05-30 Philipp SpitzerD3 library version 4.12.0 downloaded from github.com.